Our Services.

Our core values of providing reliable, high-quality, innovative and professional solutions have endeared us to our numerous clients over the years. As a provider of IT solutions, Comsoft Limited does not limit itself to maximizing value for its clients but also help to optimize their services by imploring a very high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts and above all confidentiality.

Software Development and support solution

Over the years Comsoft Limited has developed custom solutions for various clients. Some of the solutions developed include the following

Online Student Application & Registration Portals;
Revenue Collection and Management Systems;
Health Management Systems;
Library Software;
Licensing Software:
Accounting Packages.

IT Consultancy

We offer full range of IT consultancy services on a retainer basis with our corporate clients. These services include

IT Project Management;
Hardware & Software Support Services;
Procurement Consultancy;
Process re-engineering services;
IT Security Policy Development and enforcement.

Biometric Identification Solution

We have been very active in the provision of biometric identification and verification services and have deployed solutions in the following fields:

Staff/Pensioner Audit;
Access Control Systems;
Time & Attendance.

IT Training:

Our experience has shown that most developed solutions have been grossly under-utilised due to lack of sufficient knowledge of the capabilities of such solutions hence, the need to train our clients on these solutions to enable them develop the needed skills towards enhancing their productivity and technological advancement. Our training packages cover the following among others

Corporate ICT training  e-Governance
Training on software developed
Further skills enhancements