Who we are.

Comsoft Limited has a track record of successes and growth spanning 20 years. Established and Incorporated as a limited liability company in 1996, Comsoft Limited has and continues to provide successful Information Technology (IT) solutions to government and private sector clients across Africa.

Our core values of providing reliable, high-quality and innovative solutions have endeared us to our numerous clients over the years. As a provider of IT solutions, Comsoft Limited does not limit itself to maximizing value for its clients but also helps to optimize their services by imploring a very high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts and above all confidentiality.

With our team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals, Comsoft Limited is able to achieve the optimal goal of providing our clients exceptional service delivery. All these are made possible through the challenging and development based environment which the company provides to help build success.


To provide innovative and strategic IT services aimed at availing our clients with total IT solutions to enable them achieve their business objectives and gain a competitive edge in today’s business environment.


To become a leading provider of IT solutions and services in Africa.